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Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in Family | 26 comments

Help Me, Help You

Help Me, Help You

I need your help! I need you to take 12 seconds out of your busy life and hit this link

Once you’re on that page, “Like It”

But I’ve even made it one step easier

Just “Like” it there! Couldn’t be easier.

So what’s in it for you? How about a free IPOD? After you vote simply leave a comment on this post and on March 31 I’ll randomly select a comment and then send them a free, brand new, Apple IPOD.

So, what are you waiting for? LIKE IT!

UPDATE: Sorry for the delayed update to the contest. Many have emailed asking if a winner has been chosen. Before we get to that, let me tell you how I did. Unfortunately I didn’t win 1st place. I did however win 2nd place, which was good enough for an IPAD! So with this contest an IPOD ended up paying for an IPAD. Not a bad trade.

So who won the IPOD? Each comment was numbered in the order it was received. I used to pick the winner. Comment #25 is the winner of the Ipod. Congratulations Rob!


  1. I voted!

  2. Sweet story. Good luck! I contributed a vote–here’s hopin’ for 300 more! 🙂 Love you guys!

  3. Good luck, Nathan! I hope you and your family win.

  4. Nathan,
    I only know you through e-mails and CFCC, but I hope you win. Good luck.

  5. Relaxing , and badly needed . You only live once .

  6. I voted, good luck buddy

  7. Done! I voted!

  8. good luck and i hope you win

  9. good luck i hope you win

  10. Good luck!! I hope you win!!:)

  11. i vote for you !!!!!!!!

  12. I VOTED!!

  13. VOTED

  14. 希望你赢

  15. I definitely voted! 😀

  16. Nathan I truly hope that you and your family win.. The happiest moments of my life have been shared with my family.

  17. here’s to hoping you win that family vacation, cousin! way to use that metzger magic! love from the northwest (where the beaches are usually cold!)

  18. You have my comes first. Good Luck!:)

  19. goodluck its a memory that will live in your heart forever and something for you to share with your grandchildren in later life i hope you win

  20. I voted! 😀

  21. Nathan Help Me i Help u

  22. Good Luck!

  23. Excellent website. it helped me a lot. Thank You.

  24. Voted, hope we both win!

  25. I want to vote for you but how do I know you really have an ipod? How do I know that you are really going to give one away? Will you post a list of winner? How are you going to chose the winner randomly? I called the sponsor of the contest and they don’t know anything about an ipod giveaway? Can you help me out so I can vote?

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