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Posted by on Jan 28, 2012 in Salt Water Aquarium | 6 comments

Strange Creatures In the Fish Tank

Strange Creatures In the Fish Tank

Last night my bride and I spent the evening together, thanks to my parents taking the kiddos to a movie. After an excellent pepperoni roll at Famous Joes Pizza we hit DSW from some Pumas and then onto the fish store to pick up a small, very expensive clean-up crew for the tank. For a mere $58 I picked up an Emerald Crab, 2 Mexican Turbo Snails, 2 Red Leg Crabs, and 2 Scarlet Leg Crabs.

After a giant tank cleaning this morning I found a few things I’d never seen before (part of the appeal of a saltwater fish tank). Anyway, here are two pictures of the creatures needing an ID.


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