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About Nathan

I’m an electrical / systems engineer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. My bride, Stephanie, she’s also an engineer, of the domestic variety. For 11 years we’ve been on an amazing journey together. That 11 year journey has produced two beautiful and amazing children, Adeline & Nate, who have tender hearts and the sweetest disposition on life and it’s challenges.

I, Nathan Metzger, love a good DIY project, tending to my currently mediocre salt water aquarium, shark fishing on our yearly beach vacation, and making a few sheckles on the Internets. This humble blog aims at discussing such non-sense and archiving the going-ons at the Metzger household.

Our family is currently on a new journey – to care for ‘children from hard places‘. We’ve finished a grueling 10 weeks of GPS classes with the Madison County DHR and are actively seeking to invest in the lives of children in every way we can.

If you’re looking to get a hold of me please fill out the contact form below. You can also hit the twitter/facebook icons at the top of the page.

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